How to... sculpting

Step 1
Bending the "tin skeleton"

step 2
Drill holes in the feet, pin and glue in the balsa wood base

step 3
Mix two small beads of Milliput and stabilize the legs of the fitting

Step 4
The figure is covered with a layer of FIMO

Step 5
The first wrinkles are roughly applied

Step 6
More wrinkles are added and are applied to the legs of rolled sausages FIMO

Step 7
It starts with the jacket. Again, rolled FIMO sausages are pressed to the appropriate place on the figure and adapted with a modeling tool to the environment

Step 8
The wrinkles are smoothed with a brush and a little Vaseline or isopropanol alcohol

Step 9
The backpack is pressed on as a ball and then gets pressed first details with a tool

Step 10
More details come to the figure. For example, the straps of the backpack and jacket pockets

Step 11
The head is modeled on a piece of wire. The first layer (small ball) is a bit milliput at the end of the wire to give the whole hold

Step 12
The head is baked separately and then placed on the body

Step 13
The trolley is made of some wire and balsa wood, in which a few tin books are glued

Step 14
The figure was there for the first time completely baked and now it goes on with the gas mask. It was easier to start these details after baking, otherwise you might have accidentally destroyed too much while working

Step 15
The hands are formed from Pro create, and attached to the figure with further details (rope, buttons, etc.). After the final assembly everything was overfogged with primer to see if there were any mistakes

Step 16
the resin cast and painted figure